Goldroom working the crowd

A.i. Popup Show

A moment of spontaneity on a Saturday night last month led to a decision to check out a pop-up show at A.i. hosted by Nu Androids Music. Our focus was mostly on having a good time and we left before the end of the show, but we had such a good experience that we wanted to share it. The show followed the All Things Go Fall Classic at Navy Yard in South East Washington D.C. and featured sets by AutografGoldroom, and Dirty Chocolate. This particular area of downtown was empty, but while waiting in line there was a resounding anticipation that existed, either due to to the expectation of these acts, or for those who were at the previous show to simply keep the enthusiasm going.

Dan standing in line outside of A.i.

Waiting in line outside of A.i. – downtown, DC

The venue is an experience in itself. It was almost as if the doors opening to the club were a signal for Dirty Chocolate to begin his set. The crowd was flowing in and the atmosphere was social. It was apparent that many of the attendees were an eclectic mix of people that were familiar with All Things Go and Nu Androids, as well those that had been specifically following Autograf and/or Goldroom on tour, with a large number arriving from Navy Yard post-festival.

The start of the show, Gold Chocolate above the crowd creating a laid back and social vibe

The start of the show, Dirty Chocolate above the crowd creating a laid back and social atmosphere

The first set went late, until about 11:30, as attendees continued to arrive. The relaxed atmosphere was chill as we waited for Goldroom, who carry some notoriety in the electropop scene, and seemed to instill an eagerness in the crowd, waiting to see what they were all about live. When they finally took the stage the entire place immediately sprang to life. The first few measures of The track Silhouette transformed the gentle hum into a party you might expect in Manhattan or LA. The mix was excellent.

...likely because of this amazing neon mix board...

…likely because of this amazing neon mix board…

The house was packed by now and spirits were high. It was essentially a giant party at this point, everyone wanted a reason to let go, and Goldroom was seriously delivering. It’s difficult to capture the feeling that both the venue and the music were creating. Sometimes a vibe is something you feel and on rare occasions it’s almost as if you can see and touch it. On rare occasions and evenings meeting new people, getting caught up in conversations, and crossing paths with friends seems like the norm. One moment clearly engraved in memory is standing on the upper level looking out over the crowd, many hands held high in the air swarming the stage, to the words “But we were only fifteen, fifteen we’re floating through the slipstream.”

Nearing the end of the set and after shifting through the crowd all night somehow we find ourselves towards the back where suddenly a staff member ropes off a section directly in front us. Goldroom (birth name Josh Legg) suddenly appears right in front of us with his team and other performers unpacking, dusting off synths, and chatting among themselves about his performance. Standing right by them, we’re able to quickly ask one of the performers about the show and the vibe – she tells me “great energy.” She mentioned A.i. was a rather intimate show for Goldroom but seemed to love it. As for us, we’re really looking forward to future A.i. and Nu Androids events.

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